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Balance of Seven

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to an extraordinary company. They have already helped so many authors that I know, and many others that I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting. I knew I wouldn't be able to write something that would do them and the work they do any justice, so I asked them to write a little something about themselves. Without further ado I give you, Balance of Seven!!

Balance of Seven isn’t just a small press. We are a literary alliance. Centered around over ten collective years of publishing experience, we work with the authors in our alliance to create quality products and not only market the books but teach our authors how to market themselves.

We affirm to our authors that these are their books, their careers, and we work to buoy their attitudes and commitment to creating and marketing quality products.

Of course, affirmations are all well and good, but how do we get there?

To start, we publish biannual anthologies, focusing on new and emerging authors. Our first publication, Rogues and Wild Fire: A Smoldering Romance Anthology, features four previously unpublished authors and is set to come out July 31, 2018. (If you’d like more information, you can sign up for email updates here.)

For those accepted for publication, we offer personalized marketing tips to market not only the pieces we publish but the authors themselves. We believe in our authors that much. In fact, one of our authors is only $130/month away from being one of the top 90 earners on Patreon.

For those writers who aren’t accepted for publication, our alliance is still open. We offer in-depth editing services—from the broader developmental editing to the more precise copyediting and proofreading. While these are paid services, those who work with us can be assured of getting the same loving attention to detail that we apply to our own anthologies. After all, the pieces brought to us are never just another story but a distinctly unique experience. (If you’d like more information on editing services, please visit us here.)

Our literary alliance is not just restricted to authors, either. After all, what good is a great book if there is no one to read it? For those who wish to support new and upcoming authors and our work in helping them grow, we accept monthly pledges on Patreon and one-time donations on YouCaring. With reader support, we can offer more to our authors, helping them grow even further in their stories and publishing careers.

So whether you’re a writer looking to get published, clean up your work, or just connect with other authors, or you’re a reader looking to support authors you love, you can join the Balance of Seven literary alliance and become apart of a literary family that strives for results. To learn more, visit us at Balance of Seven.

If you're an author I encourage you to check out all of their services. They really go the extra mile to help you succeed in all of your writing related endeavors.

If you're a reader, I encourage you to support Balance of Seven on Patreon (monthly) or YouCaring (one-time gift). By supporting them, you are supporting authors like me who are passionate about their writing and want to get their work out into the world so that you and others like you can enjoy it and connect with it.

I personally support them on Patreon and hope that you will too!

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