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How Well Do You Know Your Characters?

I've started so many stories that were left unfinished. Sound familiar? Ever ask yourself why that is? If you think you are the problem, please, let go of that! I'm here to tell you that if you haven't finished a story, it is almost certainly because you don't know your characters well enough - yet. Let me explain.

Do you know what your protagonist's (hero's) favorite color is? Do you know why your antagonist (villain) is so desperate to achieve her goal? Do you know what makes your hero's romance with her love interest burn with passion (or maybe even why it doesn't)?

These are just a few of the many questions you should be asking your characters. For me, unfolding who they are and the reasons behind it has helped my story morph into something I could have never dreamed. I've grown closer to my characters in an intimate way - so much so that they feel like real people to me. Guess what! That's exactly what you want for your readers too!

If you want to write characters with depth you'll have to dive deep into who they are. Every little quirk, childhood trauma, and pet peeve can cause your readers to connect deeply with your characters and keep them coming back for more.

How do you go about doing this? Great question!! See, questions like that will get us somewhere.

There are many character charts across the interwebs that you can find for free. I found some on Pinterest, and others just by using the Google. However (draws you in closer to whisper a secret in your ear), if you want to really, and I mean really dive deep into your characters and get to know them better than you know your own sister, I recommend the Character Deep Dive by Debbie Burns (Best Selling Author and more).

For more details on Debbie's Character Deep Dive visit the site here.

Getting to know your characters is vital to your story. Whichever path you choose, free options or a paid course, you won't regret having deeper, richer characters that your readers will fall in love with and want to see more of. Your characters and their terrible choices will keep your readers coming back again and again.

Have your own method for getting to know your characters? Share in the comments!

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