Work in Progress (WIP)

Buach the Desolator is out to destroy the kingdom of Leinster.  At his general's suggestion, King Cairbre commissions Lady Padraigin, General Caitlin's best knight, to seek out and end Buach before the great dragon desolates all of Leinster.

Padraigin (Padsy)


Padraigin is a 17-year-old knight in the Kingdom of Leinster.  When Padsy was just a little girl she was sent to the castle to train as a knight when her mother died fighting a dragon.


Love Interest

Lugh is a Leinster Lord aiming at winning Padraigin's hand.  He's confident until he meets his competition.

Buach the Desolator


Buach is bent on avenging his dead sister.  He vows that he will not rest until all of Leinster has paid the price for her life.  He meets a young human knight who may be his undoing.


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